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Raised in South Seattle, my best friends growing up were children from immigrant and refugee families. When I started to take the bus to a Seattle Public School because of their gifted program I realized how many privileges I was born with since my friends attended the under-funded and neglected neighborhood school. My lens of social justice has only grown more prescriptive since. I’ve fought for years to replace standardized curriculum with integrated project based learning. I’ve led campaigns for tax fairness so all people can have health care. As part of the Badass Teachers Association and Save Our Schools Network, I’ve trained amongst the nation’s leading experts in education to help the classroom experts raise their collective voice in defense of humane education policy that honors creativity & innovation. Raising two kids in Renton has afforded me many opportunities to understand how parents need a support system to assure healthy kids. I’ve built my skills in the classroom & the community to cultivate hope for the people and planet that our economic system exploit. From organizing rallies on the steps of the Capitol to making resistance art on the streets of Seattle, my passion for justice gives me strength and courage to speak truth to power, inspire kids, and to find JOY in every possible moment of this short life. If elected I hope to only serve one term as President because my mission is to help build up so many REA leaders, especially BIPOC members, that the job of President can be taken on by someone else who will continue to transform REA with new ideas and talents & so I can go back to the place I love most: the classroom!

Julianna Dauble

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