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What People Say About

Julianna Dauble for REA President

Dominic Corr,


“She’s a tireless worker for the common cause of good. Has always been on the right side of history. Excellent advocate for students, staff & community.”

Zer Vue,

Maplewood Heights

"She’s dedicated, knowledgeable, & not afraid to say or do what’s right. Her heart is in the right place & she has what it takes to stand up for the common good. I believe that she is the right candidate & she will not compromise unless it’s for the greater good. Her actions show she walks the talk."

Melissa Gollegly,

Hazen High

"Julianna is a thoughtful leader who will fight for everyone."

Rosemary Shaw,

Renton High

"She is willing to ask the hard questions & listen to the answers. When people's rights are at stake,  Julianna perseveres even when the struggle becomes hard & long.  Julianna puts her heart & soul into the union. She is aware of her strengths & limitations,  She is mission driven; it's not about money, power or ego it's about helping others."

Yumi Sunday,

Sierra Heights

"Julianna is the voice for so many. She fights for justice for teachers & students. She would be a strong leader for REA President. I don't think I have disagreed with anything she has ever said. If anyone takes offense then maybe they should evaluate why they are offended by truth."

Matthew Werner,

Sierra Heights

"She's a social justice super hero!”

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