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Campaign Positions

History shows us that educators and the communities we serve win when unions have a democratic culture of organizing & empowering rank-and-file members. As union leaders, we seek to distribute leadership & decision-making to build consensus through authentic engagement, robust communication, and strong collective action.


Longterm Goals


Bread & Butter

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Return to In-Person



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Group Planting a Tree

Community Outreach

Longterm Goals for REA

We can do better—REA needs ideas from YOU to grow! We believe you deserve:​​

  • A trusted, far-reaching social media presence

  • Frequent updates & two-way communication with all union leaders and committees

  • Monthly listening sessions on topics YOU bring

  • A contract that truly supports & represents all members’ well-being

  • Authentic partnerships with community organizations to provide assistance & resources to families

  • An equity lens guided by concrete measures & accountability (e.g., an equity audit & building-based equity teams)

  • Accommodations to increase accessibility to union events (childcare, alternative meeting formats, etc.)

  • Solidarity & robust coordination between REA members & other unions on issue campaigns & in the fight for workers’ rights

Longterm Goals

Return to In-Person:

We believe it’s past time for a position statement regarding a safe return to in-person learning that reflects the will of our Renton unions’ (RESP, RPTA, SEIU, AFT) members. This must be created through a truly democratic process and must consider:

  • The vaccination timeline

  • Safe school conditions for all & adhering to the WEA COVID Safety Checklist

  • Staff, student, and family member health status, age, role, etc.

  • Supports for students and families in crisis, who often depend on schools to provide basic needs

Return to In-Peson

Bread & Butter

 Through new communication channels (polling, listening sessions, social media, 1:1 convos, etc.), we must develop positions to improve on compensation, benefits, retirement, leaves, and related issues.

What Do We Mean by Equity?

What Do We Mean by Equity?: We fully support our local’s new Equity Committee and will use the lens of anti-racism and social justice in our governance foundation, school-based work, and community partnerships. REA should join in the equity work being done by the Rainier Educators of Color Network and build on that work by advocating for members and students of marginalized identities. We support:

  • #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool

  • Recruiting & supporting educators of color

  • Equity audits of our founding documents, policies, & decisions

  • Trained and support equity teams in every school building

  • Union-led racial justice trainings, book talks, & support groups

  • Elevating restorative practices in our schools & union

  • Doing everything in our power to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline

  • Expanding our equity work to address LGBTQ issues, ageism, ableism and other biases

Bread & Butter

Workload Issues

To win a work-life balance, we believe REA must create space for members to voice concerns and propose solutions, beyond an annual bargaining survey. Through frequent polling, listening sessions, one-on-one conversations, and more, we can address:

  • Overwhelming caseloads & class sizes

  • Lack of concern for the unique demands of Special Education 

  • Unreasonable expectations for curriculum pacing & standardized assessments (especially post-COVID)

  • Inadequate behavior supports for high-needs students

  • Time spent on school-home communication

  • Disrespect for the work we do

  • And other issues YOU suggest!


Invigorating Our Collective Bargaining Process:

We believe our bargaining team members deserve training on negotiation strategies and tactics. To bring power to negotiations, we must empower rank-and-file members to:

  • Support the bargaining team through developing Research, Communication, & Wellness Support Teams

  • Achieve equitable representation at the bargaining table. Every educational role should have a direct connection to a bargaining team member who understands the ins and outs of their job.



We will seek your input to:

  • Build on this list of ways to support your overall well-being

  • Plan for social activities to build solidarity and camaraderie


Community Outreach:

When unions take a stance and pursue collective action for economic and racial justice, they contribute to making material gains for everybody in society. We propose hosting accessible family/community listening sessions and launching political action campaigns around the issues that affect our students and their families. Through intentional planning and open debate at the executive board, rep council, and school sites, we can garner support for our issues and bring resources to those who need them.

Community Outreach

What about you?

We want to hear from you. What priorities do you have for REA? What would you like to see accomplished for our union?

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